Can you explain the playback modes?

PlaybackSequential: This plays back image folders in the order they were written to the microSD card. To be clear, this is not alpha-numeric sorting based on the filenames. The way to control this order is to copy all of your media to a folder on your computer (including /00system), format the microSD in FAT32, and then copy the media onto the microSD in the order you want them to appear.

Shuffle: This will shuffle the folders. It uses a nice random number generator so that every time you turn the device on it will show a different image.

Pause: This is really a pause-shuffle. It’s the same as the shuffle mode above, but only shows the first frame (i.e. 0.bmp) of any image sequence and pauses any lateral animation in the folder’s config.ini file. This is useful if the Game Frame animations become too distracting in work or more subdued environments and you just want still artwork displayed. Just be careful to note that if the first frame of animation is a blank screen, that’s exactly what you’ll see.