Command Function Arguments

If you’re running the Wi-Fi Adapter you can control most aspects of Game Frame using the exposed “Command” function. Below is a list of the available commands and the arguments each one accepts.

Next (Advances to next animation.)
Example: next

Brightness (Adjust brightness level)
Arguments: 0-7
Example: brightness 4

Power (Turn Game Frame on/off)
Arguments: on, off, none (toggles)
Example: power off

Play (Play animation)
Arguments: path/folder
Example: play bird

Alert (Play alert)
Arguments: path/folder
Example: alert 00system/wifi/twitter

Color (Display solid color)
Arguments: hex code, random
Example: color #FF8000
Example: color random

Clockface (Change clock face)
Arguments: 1-5
Example: clockface 2

Timezone (Change time zone)
Arguments: Offset from UTC in hours, from -12.0 to 13.0
Example: timezone -8

Playback (Change playback mode)
Arguments: 0 = sequential, 1 = random, 2 = pause animations
Example: playback 1

Display (Change mode)
Arguments: 0 = gallery, 1 = clock, 2 = effects
Example: display 1

Cycle (Change animation duration)
Arguments: 1 = ten seconds, 2 = thirty seconds, 3 = one minute, 4 = five minutues, 5 = fifteen minutes, 6 = thirty minutes, 7 = one hour, 8 = infinity
Example: cycle 7

Reboot (Restarts Game Frame.)
Example: reboot