How do I control the sequence of animations?

There are a few ways to control the sequence of animation folders.

Sequential playback: This is the most basic, but also the most cumbersome. If you set the Game Frame playback mode to sequential, it will play folders based on the order they were written to the microSD card (after a fresh FAT32 format).

Using CONFIG.INI: There is an option in CONFIG.INI called nextfolder. If you set that to the name of another folder on the microSD, it will always play that one next. Note that this setting overrides shuffle playaback mode, and the NEXT button on top of the Game Frame will play assigned animation if pressed.

Numerical Nesting: This is my personal favorite. Instead of filling a folder with BMP images, you fill it with more folders with numerical names, starting with 0 (zero). For example, if you want to create a little Pac-Man drama, you might create the following folders:

/pacman/0 (includes pacman animation)
/pacman/1 (includes ghost animation)
/pacman/2 (includes blue ghost animation)
/pacman/3 (includes pacman going the other direction)

Each of the numerical folders looks just like a standard image folder, and can contain its own CONFIG.INI. The benefit of this method is you’ll never wind up in the middle of a chained series of animations in shuffle mode, and the NEXT button on top of the Game Frame will skip the rest of the folder chain if pressed.