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Jeremy Williams

Hi Erik,

The alignment issue has come up with a few other backers who have emailed me, and they’ve been able to solve it pretty simply. Here’s the email I’ve sent them:

Basically, in shipping the plastic mesh inside the Game Frame fell out of alignment with the black paper overlay grid. It is designed to align when both items are resting on their bottom, so the idea is to pop it back down. I find the easiest method is to slam the bottom of the Game Frame down onto my hand a few times. If this doesn’t work, try dropping onto a table from an inch or two above it. Finally if THAT doesn’t work, try turning it upside down and slapping the top onto your hand to force it further out of alignment. This tends to loosen it up, and then turning it right-side up and a few soft taps on top will help the mesh fall down into place.

I assure you it looked perfect when it left, so it should be possible to get back in place. If you find it falls out of alignment again, you can try replacing one of the screws on the back with the nylon one. This will compress the screen layers and should hold them in place.

I’m sorry to make you spank your Game Frame, but there are no moving parts and it can handle it. I do the above process with it turned on so I can see the result.

As for hairs, some little flakes around the edge of a couple pixels can be normal but large ones shouldn’t be visible. If you see large ones, try laying the Game Frame on its back and tapping the hair firmly with your finger (being careful not to scratch the surface of the clear acrylic).

If all else fails, please email me (jeremy at this domain) and we can work out a replacement. Really sorry for the trouble!