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I’ve noticed on my movie/tv conversions that the Game Frame was cutting off playing within a filmstrip and jumping to the next one, then cutting off prematurely again and jumping to the next. It happens seamlessly so I didn’t notice it was a problem for awhile. I’m not clear on whether it was due to the length of the strip, or the length of the animation. Either way, I was able to get around the issue by increasing the number of filmstrips and decreasing the frames in each by chunking in 4000 rather than 32000, changing this line:

convert -crop 16x32000x0x0 “%FOLDER%.bmp” “%FOLDER%\%%01d.bmp”

to this line:

convert -crop 16x4000x0x0 “%FOLDER%.bmp” “%FOLDER%\%%01d.bmp”

Also, I didn’t want to have to mess around with aspect ratio outside of ffmpeg, so instead of -s 16×16 I’ve been using this flag to “center crop” the middle of the video (ffmpeg call in the batch):

-vf “scale=-1:16,crop=16:16”

Note that this only works when the width is greater than the height, so if you’ve a narrow video this will probably break.

Also, people may want to play with the scaler algorithm to get different rendering looks. For instance, this switch on the ffmpeg call:

-sws_flags neighbor

Uses the nearest neighbor algorithm which makes for an incredibly noisy rendition but also one that has small pixel details (about as much as you can in 16×16).