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Hi Jeremy, I’ve started working on my version of your Gameframe. Thank you very much for releasing the digital download in the shop. No issues in purchasing. I’ve gotten to the point where I can display pictures for the SD card onto the LEDs and boy does that eBoy artwork look great.

It turns out I’ve built my matrix opposite to the source code. Is there a way to flip everything horizontally easily? I’ve currently Wired left to right and it seams the code is right to left.

I’d like to also share a couple of things for anyone building their own.
The new version of the Arduino library SDFat (updated oct25) is no longer compatible with version 1.0.1. The game version of the code becomes too large to fit on the memory when using 1.0.5. I found an old version of the library to use while compiling with 1.0.1.
At first I kept having SD card error despite everything working well with the example SD programs. It must be that I’m using a cheap SD card as after changing to half (SPI_HALF_SPEED) speed there are no longer read issues.
Instead of getting a laser cut grid I tried simply printing the grid onto the vellum which worked reasonably well although there is a tiny bit of light bleeding through at full brightness. For internal grid I was stuck making one out of card stock. Doing this was tedious and produced a much floppier grid than I had hoped for (I should start looking for a friend with a laser cutter).

Seeing my display light up has been very rewarding so far. When I get these last bugs sorted I will be proud to display it in my office. I cant thank you enough Jeremy for sharing your project, code and artwork with the world.