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I have been working hard and learning a lot over the past three weeks, but I finally hit a roadblock I can’t seem to get around.

I ended up purchasing the Adafruit data logger shield and 4-8×8 neopixel matrix displays.

I was able to get everything set up and running correctly (I even bought the $10 e-boy art from this site to be sure). When I plugged everything up I realized the image was not displaying properly. The colors were correct, and I could make out some parts of certain images, but the rest was jumbled.
I soon learned I needed to use the Adafruit NeoMatrix library to properly display images across a matrix.
Unfortunately, this made the original sketch too large to fit on the UNO.
I purchased an Arduino Mega to overcome this problem, and set out once again.

Using the Mega, I was able to fit the original sketch and the Adafruit neoMatrix libraries.
In the original sketch, I replaced the lines defining the LED strip with the proper ones to define the Matrix. Then I replaced every instance of the word “strip” with “matrix”.

From what I could tell, nothing changed from my first try with the UNO, accept the colors were incorrect.

I am looking for guidance on next steps. Is there a simple way to make a matrix work when the code was intended for a strip? Would I have to re-write a bunch of code? If so, where should I start?

Please let me know if this sounds like too great an undertaking, I am more than happy to buy the 16×16 matrix online, and save the 8×8’s for another project.