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I finally found some time to get around to making this. Attached is my first draft of the FW with a Game Of Life mode in place of the normal clock/breakout game. The “gol.bmp” needs to be placed in the 00system folder on the SD card.

When GOL is running:
“Setup” key returns to normal GameFrame mode.
“Next” reinitializes the screen with random living cells.

The screen will also auto reinitialize if:
1. The sim has hit a steady state for 10 frames
2. The sim has managed to keep going for 60 seconds since the last re-init.

Some future improvements ideas that I might try put in:
1. Have it do some sort of smooth animation when it needs to reinit (maybe a fade to black, then fade the new cells in).
2. Come up with alternate color palettes, and rotate between those for each sim.
3. Maybe have the colors, and other setting stored on the SD card to make it easier for others to come up with and share cool looking configs.

Overall, pretty fun little project. Took a couple of re-writes to work around mem limits of the board. Seems like if you need something like ~900B of free memory for the stack before the GM will not boot past setup. 🙂

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