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As i was wrapping my head around the code (poorly) i had a couple questions that are likely trivial for someone more knowledgeable than me.

1. I don’t see any pin definitions for the SD card to for the MOSI and MISO (data I/O) am i missing something or can they just be on pins 11 and 12 of the Teensy 3.2?

2. I read the Teensy 3.2 has a built in RTC, does this mean i can omit the external RTC? if needed, can the RTC’s SDA and SCL just be on pins 16-17 or 18-19? how does it know where you have hooked these things up if they aren’t defined in the code?

boy the teensy platform crams a lot of capability in a super tiny form factor. I had never even heard of this thing before I started this project.

I apologize if my questions seem silly, but I am learning so I often have silly questions.
I will keep reading and scouring the interweb for clarity on this, but I really appreciate any help from anyone willing to take the time. 🙂