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That API looks very slick 🙂 Looks like it’s easy to call custom functions or push new events.

Does the device have the notion of a playlist/queue for animations? If multiple events come in rapid succession, is it possible to let the current animation finish, but maybe clear the current queue, and replace it with new events? Would need to be able to enqueue an animation, list the queue content, clear the queue or maybe remove some animations that have not played yet? This is to prevent symptoms like my crummy GPS interrupting itself mid-sentence “Turn left on..Turn..Turn lef..turn right on… turn left on Foo boulevard…” because it’s slower to handle voiceover than the speed of the car. It would be better to be able to do the equivalent of having it say “Turn left on Foo Boulevard. *Nevermind*, please turn right on Bar boulevard *instead*” which flows better. Not sure if I make myself clear 🙂