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Received mine today, and I seem to also have issues with the IR remote.

Using the IR test mode (booting with NEXT pressed):
– when pressing any button on the reboot, the icon for each button blinks randomly for 1, 2 or 3 seconds, before settling down to the “on” state.
– when releasing the button, the icon disappear immediately.
– using the physical buttons behind on the motherboard works fine.

This behavior is the same, even with the IR led a few millimeters away from the remote sensor or a few meters away, or from the side…

This probably mean that one physical press of a button on the remote is registered as a random sequence of keypress by the GameFrame, leading to weirdness.

That was particularily bad when setting the time in clock mode 🙂 Also, I noticed that sometimes the “next” button on the remote was interpreted the same as “menu” (was advancing the hours). Could be explained by a discharged or faulty battery.

I’ll try swaping the CR 2025 battery with a new one, and see if this fixes the issue.