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Unfortunately, changing the CR 2025 battery did not change anything. Icons on the test screen blink randomly 2 or 3 times when pressing any button.

I tried teaching new remote codes by pressing NEXT while in the test screen, and something strange happens: I see the red border, but the screen almost immediately switch to the MENU or event NEXT image: the POWER icon is only briefly seen. Then when I press the corresponding button on the remote, it works well. After that, pressing any button makes all icons display in some random order.

Reopening the remote.ini file, I see this: (there is an extra line with ‘55831455’ ?)


# Learned Codes
power = 3887053538
menu = 2823767411
next = 2155819215

The original file before editing:


# Stock Game Frame Remote
power = 2155819215
menu = 2155864095
next = 2155831455

Note sure what happens: looks like the IR sensor is “seeing” things, so when the code waits for the ICON button, it immediately “reads” stuff.

The ‘3887053538’ and ‘2823767411’ codes may be what is being read by the IR sensor and triggering the move to the following icon. The ‘next = 2155819215’ is because I pressed the POWER button instead on the remote, which was read properly.

I tried covering the frame with a black cloth and it does not change anything.

Any ideas?