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Looking at https://github.com/Jerware/GameFrameV2/blob/master/gameFrameV2.ino#L463

I see that the code that read the NEXT code does filter if the code is the same as the two before it (line 507)… maybe that would explain while it always bypass the first two, and only waits for the third: somehow, the IR sensor always reads 2 different codes “from the ether”, and only pressing a button on the remote provides a new 3rd code that makes it complete the process.

Looks like you are writing some debug stuff to a serial port. How can I tap into that? I could give you more helpful logs that way…

edit: nooooooo https://github.com/Jerware/GameFrameV2/blob/master/gameFrameV2.ino#L62 looks like I need to rebuild the thing, unless there’s a debug firmware image somewhere ?

edit2: after plugging the microUSB port on the board to my pc, I see a COM3 port, but without a debug firmware, it won’t probably read anything.