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Oh no, this is not frustrating at all 🙂 The frame is pretty useable as it is, only setting the time requires using the back buttons. I’m just using this as an excuse to learn more about arduinos, IR remote codes, etc… 🙂

Yes you are right: in the “crash” test loop, it prints the correct code for the button pressed (so not only NEXT) + 0xFFFFFFFF every 150-200 ms, until the remote is released. When spamming the button on the remote, I SOMETIMES get the two weird codes (not always).

When using the remoteTest(), when pressing any button, I see the correct icon blinking two or three times, before staying put (until I release the remote button)

In the record mode, as soon as I press the button on the back, I see the POWER/MENU icons in a flash, then only the NEXT button icon (until I press a button). SOMETIMES, it will stay on the MENU icon (ie: only the POWER one flashed by). When reading the remote.ini afterwards, the first two codes are “garbage” and the 3rd one is always the correct one.

My intuition is that the remote works just fine, and that maybe the IR sensor is reading bad codes intermixed with the correct codes sent by the remote

All of the three modes above have a difference in the value of the delay that wait between reading the IR code: sleep(1), sleep(150)? and no wait at all, which could explain the slightly different behavior?

Edit: so.. pretty sure that if there is an issue, it can probably be fixed by software (even by simply blacklist the few weird codes I get sometime).