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Jeremy Williams

remoteTest() waits 125ms because it takes that long to receive a new IR signal, and if I check before then the image would disappear (which shouldn’t happen until you release the button). The other processes don’t require that kind of visual feedback.

A few things….

1) Definitely try to find another remote so we can compare. Most remotes should work, since most use NEC-compatible signals. We’re looking for one unique code followed by infinite 4294967295 (0xFFFFFFFF) until you release the button. You may need to aim generally at the IR receiver but it should work up to a few meters away.

2) I realized you never explained the behavior you’re seeing under normal conditions, just trying to use the menus. Can you explain? Perhaps a short video would help illustrate?

3) Just to be sure, can you shine a light into your IR receiver on the Game Frame and verify that it’s oriented properly and you can see it like in the attached photo?

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