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1) Found a TV remote that works, and behavior is the same as with the original remote (but with different values for codes). I’m trying to record the logs over serial from the record and test screen which show interesting results.

2) under normal conditions, the gameframe responds fine to most keypress, and I can’t use the menu. The only thing “visible” is that sometimes it looks like I pressed multiple time the same button, other times, as if I did not press the button. The small arkanoid clone is mostly playble. The only huge hurdle is setting the clock because it stops but does not start when you want etc, and when retrying it always stops one before or one after the desired hour/minute. Except from this, the other major features are usable.

That’s why maybe the initial impression for new owners of the frame is similar to an old crummy remote with buttons that start failing (bad contacts, dust …)

3) I see the IR sensor allright, see attached picture.

I’l try recording a small video if I can to show the behavior…

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