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Edit: I found out why putty was not working, it was problem between keyboard and chair, orz

So: with stock config remote is ~ok (except the glitchiness with short keypress especially in clock setting mode).

But once I go to test mode or record mode, things go south. Also, since the record mode captures garbage, behavior afterwards is random (all the blinkiness above) probably because of that.

ALSO, I’ve seen in remote.ini again the same thing with an extra line after ‘next = ….’ with an extra number.

I THINK this bug is because here you overwrite the file with the new codes: https://github.com/Jerware/GameFrameV2/blob/master/gameFrameV2.ino#L523 and then close the file, without truncating it. But maybe if one of the codes is shorter than before, the tail of the previous number will be left.

let’s say before you had:
next = 1234567890[CR][LF]
… rest of the file

but now you write the new values.
next = 1234[CR][LF]

and close file, the file now contains
next = 1234[CR][LF]7890[CR][LF]
… rest of the file

Which looks like there is an extra “7890” on a new line but it is the remainder of previous version of file.

You would need to truncate the file (but loos the comments at the end of remote.ini, OR maybe write an extra ‘#’ at the end that would make the extra numbers look like a comment (hacky but may be good enough)