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Just curious if you ever got this worked out. I’m having what appears to be the exact same issue on my custom GameFrame. Looks very similar to your video — happens occasionally on startup screen, consistently when moving through animations, but does not happen during testing (like when you hold down both buttons on bootup).

I’m using the V2 code modified to work with ws2812b lights.

Troubleshooting so far:

I’ve run it on Teensy 3.2 (with breakout SD reader from Adafruit) and Teensy 3.6 (using integrated SD Card reader), and I’ve loaded the images onto two separate SD cards. I’ve also run it on both the pre-assembled 16×16 grid, like the one used in the original GameFrame (i’m using this as a prototype) and on a larger, custom-built one with individual ws2812b lights individually soldered. I can’t say the glitches are identical in each build case, but very similar – they happen every few seconds (on average, timing doesn’t seem to be predictable), and it seems to happen more frequently with higher speed (higher framerate) animations.

Finally, I’ve used the same physical setups (lights, wiring, controllers) to run other test projects, and never experienced the same issue.

I’m left thinking that it must be some other compatibility setting in the V2 code with the ws2812b light instead of the lights Jeremy used in the V2 frame.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!