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For now, HTTP direct to the GameFrame IP is most efficient – but I am quite curious about the post/javascript options (although these are still going to dependent on the webserver right?)

I do realize I can accomplish the below via particle.exe command line tool (but again that requires my Internet connection and particle.io servers to be up, just to control something already inside my LAN) so, I do really wish…
– there was a /set?off option instead of just power toggle, because as part of my “leave the house” script I’d like to ensure GameFrame gets turned off (as I do with lights and the TV and whatnot) whereas if I send /set?power and it was already off, now I’ve only turned it on 🙁
– there was a /set?[filename] where it would automatically turn on and play that animation, for example when my kid mario logs that he’s home off the bus, show the mario graphic for fun. I could also get crazy & appreciate other “digital signage” style options to this, for example /set?[filename]&play?20&next?off for play that animation for 20 seconds then go off, or &next?random might mean leave it on and proceed through the list randomly.
– there was an option to have animations present in memory (for calling direct per the above example) but excluded from the normal random display, or when someone advances with /set?next

Optionally, if the webserver stable/un-stable-ness proves to be an issue, then I can always control power to the GameFrame via my own relay/controllable power socket feeding the AC adapter (this would let me reboot it if crashed, or ensure it’s off) but in this case I would appreciate a baked in option like you alluded to, something like “power applied state” and/or “auto-reboot state” with choices being a) turn-on b) stay-off c) last-state