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Hello there!

I just want to share I have compiled GFv1 with the latest Arduino IDE (1.8.13) using Leonardo board (clone). For now only “game” version is working. “Clock” firmware is to large for now (104% of memory) and has a RTC module issue to solve (I don’t have 1307 but 3231 only).

I’m sure I’ll write more details about my project (as you see on picture is still on breadboard) so now just for the record:

#1: I made my LED matrix based to Brainy Bits project (https://www.brainy-bits.com/) but leds strips are soldered from left to right (each row)

#2: GFv1 code pinouts are: 3 – status led; 4 – next button; 5 – setup button; 6 – LED strip; 9 – SD-CS. I’ve also use DS3231 RTC module (SCL, SDA pins)

#3: to make the code running with the latest SDFat Library you’ll need fix two lines:




myFile.getName(folder, 13);

I’ve also changed buttons definition for programable pull-up:

  pinMode(buttonNextPin, INPUT_PULLUP); 
  pinMode(buttonSetupPin, INPUT_PULLUP); 

instead of using external 10K rezistors for it.

#4: <<Game Frame SD FIles>> pack is neccesary to setup; you can guess what file names should it be and re-create most of it but don’t waste your time – just buy it from Jeremy store (BTW: it’s great set for the beginning)

#5: I have had to compile the code several times due the memory limit error. Just don’t ask why – I don’t know 🙂

#6: There are some issues to solve (eg. with setup mode) – be sure I’ll write another post here 😉

Best regards!

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