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Jeremy Williams

Wow, time flies. There was a holdup with the LED supplier so it’s looking like a December launch now. I don’t know how many I’ll be able to get to market before the holiday but I’m shooting for a few hundred. I should have the full run of 1000 ready to ship by the end of January.

If you’re curious about details, I switched from WS2812B LEDs to the newer APA102C. The manufacturer of APA102C recently found a manufacturing problem that rarely (but occasionally) leads to failed LEDs, and rather than use the existing stock and get to market on time I decided to wait until they ship the revised chips later this month.

Sorry for the delay! Here are some top secret details to whet your appetite:

– Perfectly square, solid wooden frame available in 2 finishes
– IR Remote control
– One firmware includes BOTH Game & Clock features
– Higher Frame Rate (60 vs 25)
– Vastly more accurate clock chip w/battery backup
– Time-based Automatic Brightness Control
– Fully backwards compatible
– AND MORE!… 🙂

And, why not. Here’s a photo. The stickers on the side are Photoshopped but represent the two options included in the box.

Game Frame Revision

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