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Oh yes, please.

Other ideas:

* Conway Game of Life mode (with random setups or some stores setups, not interactive)

* Slideshow-Mode: A .txt file that contains animations which are played either once or for x loops, with a command that shows the clock for y seconds. So one could create a standard loop that has animations of different lengths broken by the clock.

* Clock interrupt mode: Run the animations but have the clock “overlay” the animations every 15 seconds for 5 seconds. Two tasks basically. Not a transparent overlay. just interrupt. You could have one of the long animations running but still see the time now and then.

* “Tetris” animation that fills up the screen with Tetris-like gameplay. You could even do this: Tetris blocks CREATE a sprite.

* A simple text scroller (rather than creating the bitmap and scroll it with standard animation parameters)

If any of these “clicks” with you, I’d love to see them implemented, but please rest assured that I do enjoy Gameframe as it is! Wifi with IFTTT is awesome!

Boris, Germany