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    Jeremy Williams

    I’m pondering ways to take advantage of the additional resources in the Wi-Fi adapter. Any interest in a third mode (in addition to gallery & clock) that runs non-looping, procedural graphics code like plasma effects?

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    Oh yes, please.

    Other ideas:

    * Conway Game of Life mode (with random setups or some stores setups, not interactive)

    * Slideshow-Mode: A .txt file that contains animations which are played either once or for x loops, with a command that shows the clock for y seconds. So one could create a standard loop that has animations of different lengths broken by the clock.

    * Clock interrupt mode: Run the animations but have the clock “overlay” the animations every 15 seconds for 5 seconds. Two tasks basically. Not a transparent overlay. just interrupt. You could have one of the long animations running but still see the time now and then.

    * “Tetris” animation that fills up the screen with Tetris-like gameplay. You could even do this: Tetris blocks CREATE a sprite.

    * A simple text scroller (rather than creating the bitmap and scroll it with standard animation parameters)

    If any of these “clicks” with you, I’d love to see them implemented, but please rest assured that I do enjoy Gameframe as it is! Wifi with IFTTT is awesome!

    Boris, Germany

    Jeremy Williams

    Thanks for the suggestions, Boris. I like the Game of Life idea. I’m not so sure about the clock ideas, since they run the risk of dramatically complicating a feature that already tests the limits of elegance due to how the system delay performs differently in Clock and Gallery modes.

    The Tetris animation is neat — it would be fun to see a game play out autonomously. Kind of like the old Pong clock idea.

    I suspect a text scroller sounds more compelling than it is, since it would be very hard to read without giving it your full attention from the start of the scroll. It also goes against the low res nature of the thing. I prefer animations that are perfectly at home at 16×16 and instantly convey a message (e.g. the Wi-Fi Twitter/Email alerts).


    All very valid thoughts. Today I actually considered not using clock mode at all anymore and rather just play the animations.

    Started playing with IFTTT today and especially like that I can program stuff like on/off with it. Ideally you could switch Gameframe into those new modes (whenever they would be available) via IFTTT too.

    Grüße aus Deutschland, Boris

    Jeremy Williams

    Boris: In case you don’t know, you can already switch between clock/gallery modes. It’s just not documented yet. See this thread.

    Access to additional functions

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