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Hi, i received my Game Frame a few days ago. Bought it at eboys store, because i’m from Germany. It seems i have got issues too with the IR remote. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes there’s nothing happening. Changed the battery, changed the Room and teached Game Frame a new remote as explained on the first side of this posting. Within the test-mode Game Frame always showed the right Icon while pressing the buttons on the new remote. After turning to normal-mode, Same problems as with the original remote. The IR Receiver is positioned right, as shown in the picture. My Game Frame is without WiFi, because unfortunately the wifi-modul is Not acailable in Germany. I’m no tekkie, so i am Not able to build my own etc.
is there anything i can do to solve the IR remote-problem?

I Love the Game Frame, already started to paint some new animations and pics, the remote works with pressing the Buttons a lot of times, but it would be cool to show the Game Frame to my Friends like “bam! You only have to press once and the magic starts.” And Not “oh wait….it will work just after….damn, only one more time…hm no, doesn’t work. Ah now! That’ the Game Frame!” “Wooooooow”

With best regards from germany! Hoping for the Problem to be solved.

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