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@patrick: Thank you, tried that some months ago and did hit the wall that I shut off the Gameframe overnight and the IFTTT service then fails regularly and is shut off sooner or later.

: As I seem to be one of the very few currently active users, I totally understand if you’d spend your time with other projects. But here is my wishlist based on the last six months of use, sorted from “Should be easy” to “Is a lot of work most likely”.

Expansion of the time feature to not only switch brightness but also modes. So Clock.ini could have a list like the abcX list for brightness where I can change between Gallery and FX (for example) or start specific animations at a specific time independently of the internet.

Fadein/Fadeout and Scroll function for BMP lists. So config.ini could define:
Fade = 300 (gives a 300 msecond fade from black into the picture, then displays for the framerate defined, then fades to black in 300 msecond then fades in the next picture).
Scroll = X (scrolls one BMP out and the other in. X could be 1 2 3 4 (for directions) 5 (random direction).
Speed = 300 (the duration of the scroll in mseconds)

More FX or FX modes where parameters could be modified via fx.ini files to create variations.

That’s quite a list for Santa… 🙂

Again, please don’t feel pressured to make stuff for the one German guy asking for it.

All the best,