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Well eBoy have replied saying they will send me another Photon. However they have also emailed to say the picture I sent them of my ‘reversed’ one is the same as the ones they have in the office and they are working ??

So I don’t understand if the chip is faulty or just different to that in the picture?

Anyway whilst waiting I have managed to flash my Photon and this has allowed me to complete the set up procedure again.
This time I made sure to pay attention when uploading the game Frame firmware onto it.
It took only a few seconds before the photo restarted and had a blue light on the D7 bit and a white light in the centre. Pretty sure it did this last time?
Anyway I popped it back into the GF with the actual USB PORT to the right and put H power cable in. As before all I get is a blue light on the back of the chip and a red light on the back of the GF?
It won’t turn on with ththe remote?

Is there anyway I can check the Photon chip and it’s firmware before i plug it back in?
Does the fact I’m able to flash the Photon and seeming upload firmware mean my Photon all be it built different to those Show is not faulty?

Sorry about all these questions!?