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Digital Nemesis

Hmmmm…. I think I am officially confused at the exact criteria needed. I used Photon Storm to get a good looking 256 pixel Gameboy and animated Tetris on it with Pixaki on iPad 4 to export to Photoshop on my MacBook Pro 10.8.5. Now I have this PSD with 25 layers of animation and no hope of outputting it to a filmstrip with Photoshop CS6 since Imagestitch only works on Mavericks not Mountain Lion (can’t upgrade now, have a quad boot, java and VPN issues on Mavericks, blah blah blah…)

Is there a method using an interface other than terminal to stitch these and I don’t get any response from GameFrame simulator when I add an internet 24-bit BMP into it (run Game Frame – File – Open – XXXXX.BMP)

I want to dump a truckload of artwork into this project and just need a simpler method of getting there, any thoughts?

I attached the GameBoy.PSD file!