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    Jeremy Williams

    I’m so excited to ship out the first batch of adapters tomorrow. If you bought one, I hope you’ll report all kinds of feedback here, good and bad. Let’s make this as cool as possible.

    Let’s head how you’re using it or planning to use it! And feel free to suggest or share IFTTT recipes. They’re so easy to make.


    Looking forward to making/getting mine, not quite sure which yet. Also can’t wait to see other people’s creations.


    I just got mine and went through the process of downloading the firmware and using the Particle app. I was a bit nervous but all went well and I was able to access the GameFrame via my phone or PC via a web browser. Could make changes, turn on and off etc.

    Now to figure out how I can use ITTT to work with it. That will take some studying on my part.

    My only concern is the back. Before the back would lay flat, but with the new chip inserted the back will have to bow in order to be screwed in. I think I will try adding some plastic washers/spacers between the board and the posts to elevate the board away from pushing on the chip.

    So far this looks really cool!

    Jeremy Williams

    Patrick: IFTTT is super fun and accessible. Let me know if you hit any trouble. It will probably help someone else too.

    If it’s hung on the wall, you need to replace the back (and it should hardly bow at all). Otherwise you’re welcome to leave it off. That’s what I do. It’s one less thing to get in the way of your Wi-Fi signal.

    Matt Almaraz

    If you’re having issues with the back bowing after swapping chips you can resolve by simply driving the screws all the way into the cardboard back by itself, then attach to the game frame stand offs with only a few turns, don’t tighten them all the way down. No nuts or other items needed for this trick to work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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