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    The Tim

    As I’m making art I’ve run into a few pieces that I can’t quite fit onto the Game Frame’s 16×16 canvas (walking birds in Joust, Shovel Knight, Donkey Kong, etc.)

    It would be sweet to have a 32×32 version of the Game Frame. I know there’s PIXEL V2, but I much prefer Game Frame’s square pixels to the Lite-Brite look.

    Obviously since the RGB-LEDs are quite expensive I assume it would come in 3-4x the price, but it would be sweet nonetheless.

    Jeremy, any plans on that front? Is the Arduino even capable of driving 4x as many LEDs?

    Jeremy Williams

    First off, you know you can scroll/pan around images, right? However, I agree a 32×32 one would be epic. It would be very expensive though, and I would probably have to run a minimum 1000 32×32 grids to get the price at all reasonable (since a panel of that size doesn’t exist using bright LEDs). Power requirements would also be 4x. Yuck.

    As for microcontroller, that’s beyond the Arduino’s capabilities. I would probably use something like the Teensy or Spark Core.

    Anyway, yes, food for thought.

    The Tim

    Hmm yeah, 1,000 might be tough to hit considering it looks like you got around 600 backers at the various levels of the Game Frame Kickstarter that included the actual product.

    Anyway just something to ponder… I probably couldn’t afford one right now, but a year from now… probably?

    In the mean time I’ll continue enjoying the Game Frame and making 16×16 art. Next up, more early ’80s arcade games!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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