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    Hello! Having some trouble with the Game Frame, maybe people on here (if there are any) have encountered this:

    Problem is my longer animations (scenes from movies etc with the gfx2gf script) quit after about the 1:30 minute mark. I have made no changes to the file besides master folder name since output from the script.
    My settings are:

    Cycle interval: Infinite
    Display mode: Gallery

    Another problem I’m having is that my animations don’t show up in neither Sequential nor Shuffle mode. They play fine if I manually click them via Wi-Fi. They also don’t seem to acknowledge the ‘Next Folder’ command in the config file.

    Really grateful if someone has the time or patience to help me out!


    Jeremy Williams

    Strange! I assume you’re running the latest firmware version? There is a flag you can include inside the animation CONFIG.INI that will force the animation to always finish before progressing, regardless of the timer setting.

    finish = true

    That’s how it looks. Are you using that? The fact that they don’t come up in sequential or shuffle is odd though. They definitely should. Makes me think there’s an issue with the folder names and they’re not being detected. What are you folder names? Maybe provide a zip of one of the animations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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