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    Hey All,

    Just created my first animation, and it is showing up beautifully on the Game Frame. However, the speed is really fast, and the config.ini file is not slowing it down despite my hold = 800 setting. The speed seems to be much faster. Attaching the project (including the config.ini) file for reference. Here is the config.ini file pasted. Thank you!

    # All of these settings are optional.
# If this file doesn’t exist, or if
# settings don’t appear in this file,
# Game Frame will use default values.


    # milliseconds to hold each frame
# (1000 = 1 sec; lower is faster)
hold = 800

    # should the animation loop? If false,
# system will progress to next folder
# after the last frame is displayed.
loop = true


    # move the animation across the screen
# this many pixels per frame. Experiment
# with positive and negative numbers for
# different directions.
moveX = 0
moveY = 0
    # should the movement loop?
loop = true
    # begin/end scroll off screen?
panoff = true
    # optionally dictate the next animation
# EXAMPLE: nextFolder = mspacman
# nextFolder = defend1

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    Jeremy Williams

    What tool did you use to edit the INI file? It used a strange character for carriage return (Enter). Here’s a fixed version. In the future I would try a different text editor and see how that works…?

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    Hey Jeremy,

    Thank you so much for the help!!



    Oh, I was using TextEdit (on a Mac), not sure how that happened.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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