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    Im very frustrated and not getting any support from Jeremy when directly emailing (4 times already).

    Can someone else help me?

    I have a gen 1 Gameframe and it keeps on rebooting at startup in a loop. I have put a backup system folder back in the card and still same issue. I bought a new SD card now, and fresh system folder etc in it, and same issue!

    Can someone email me a fresh system folder for gen 1 gameframe please?

    Jeremy Williams

    I haven’t received any emails from you, unless they got filtered to spam. Did you email jeremy at this domain?

    The files were added to github a couple months ago…


    Hi Jeremy. yes I have emailed to correct email address as instructed… jeremey (at) <this domain ledseq…)

    Anyway, I got a new SD card, formatted with the tool instructed in the github, and placed the original files from the github site.

    When I power ON, I see the Game Frame logo animation, then the first animation plays for one short instant, and the GAME FRAME animation kicks in again,… then the next animation plays for an instant and then gameframe screen again. Its like it resets immediately after every animation.

    I also THINK (not sure) that every pixel seems to be flickering more than usual.

    Something’s wrong with the unit I just cant understand what. I don’t think its the card anymore. I have babied this unit! Please help?

    Jeremy Williams

    If you’re spelling my name “jeremey,” that may be why I didn’t get your emails. What is your email address?

    I’m not sure what’s going on, unfortunately. If you hold down the NEXT and MENU buttons, and then power ON the unit, does the color test run okay? If so, then it is likely related to the SD but since you already replaced that I’m not sure what else we can try.


    Jeremy, that was a typo. I indeed have been sending to correct email jeremy at ledseq dot com

    I just tested turning on the unit without a card, and its not behaving correctly. It shows SD CARD on screen, but seems to suddenly turn off completely and ‘restart; after a few seconds. it’s a random type behavior. The red LED on the rear is either blinking (when SD CARD shows on screen) or solid red (when screen goes black).

    Pressing both buttons and powering ON, shows a scrambled set of pixels in beige color and gradually alternates to red/orange. Doesnt seem a proper color test to me but I never knew what it SHOULD look like.

    I am convinced this is a hardware failure of the board (not the screen). I may be wrong. Only one way to find out. Are you able to set me up with a new board, and I can replace it? Im handy with soldering so that’s not an issue.

    Jeremy Williams

    Possibly, but I’d like to move this conversation to email so if you could give me your address (or something I can search for), I can hopefully find your messages and respond.


    Email sent.


    I know this is an old thread
    But I am having a similar issue
    I got my game frame in August of 2014

    I recently replaced the SD card from a generic brand to a sandisk

    It behaves itself for a couple of days with the animations
    then restarts, shows the game frame animation, and a frame or 2 of another animation
    and just loops

    Please advise any tips to try

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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