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    Its been working flawlessly since it was purchased a couple of years ago. This week after setting the clock back an Hour as BST ends in the UK. Its no longer running smoothly. Instead it runs for a minute or so and then; well crashed to a flashing/blinking white screen with only a few pixles not joining in. links to the video of the crash and the board in question .


    Im going to begin with a new SD card of animations; and then look at Firware flashing and after that a new board I guess.

    Any suggestions before Ihead down the diagnostic road are appreciated.

    Jeremy Williams

    Hard to tell for sure, but likely just an SD issue like you said. The SD Master files are now hosted on GitHub so you can grab a fresh copy there. Certainly worth trying a new microSD card too. Let me know how it goes.



    New SD Card ….
    it runs but eventually crashes with the same error …

    So .. Next Step .. replace the onboard battey


    On board battery replaced .. and still it blinks.

    Okay so .. next step .. how to factory reset the settings ..

    Jeremy Williams

    Well, I’m afraid swapping out the SD card and flashing it with clean data from GitHub was the best shot. You can download the firmware and flash it if you want to try. Instructions are in the FAQ:


    I just have my doubts that that will fix it. Strange this happened when you changed the time. Did you use the remote to do that, or did you move the Game Frame around itself?

    One thing to try is unplugging the Game Frame, holding down both NEXT and MENU buttons on the rear, and then plugging it back in. It should run a color test. See if that crashes after awhile. If not, it’s likely something about the connection to the SD card.


    Adding to the mystery. I moved through the menu options on the back of the GameFrame and reset checked the menu options. Then rebooted it. So far its working again, though its showing the time as 1 hour from now, i had been set back.

    I left it running 24hrs an no crash.

    Okay so .. everything is working…

    I’ll try resettng the clock not using the remote and see where we get to.

    speculation : the error is caused by a setting which I have reset and now the error has goneaway.

    Leaving me to ask ..

    Okay so whats the button order to factory/reset the device to a state before I set th time .

    Jeremy Williams

    Wow, that IS interesting! You can hold down MENU when plugging in the device to reset some settings…

    brightness = 1;
    playMode = 0;
    cycleTimeSetting = 2;
    displayMode = 0;

    However, reviewing the code, it doesn’t change your time zone. I think the only way to do that is going to be to reflash the chip. That’s pretty easy though. Download the Teensy Loader program here:

    And download the firmware here:

    Connect your Teensy with a USB cable and let the program do its magic. Curious if that solves it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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