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    When I try to claim the device using https://www.ledseq.com/manager.html, I get a “Device not found. Please make sure it’s online.” error.

    What I did:
    – power up the Photon
    – pair up the device with the Particle account and connect it to my wifi
    – set the device name to “GameFrame” (yeah, that’s original..)
    – in the Particle app, I see the device, it is online, and I copied the device ID (big hexa number).
    – in https://www.ledseq.com/manager.html I log in with the Particle account, type the id in “Device ID” field, and clic on “Claim”, and I get “Device not found. Please make sure it’s online”.

    Looking at the http requests, I see one 200 GET api.particle.io/devices, which return on entry, with the device name “turkey_might” (which is NOT the name of my device), the correct device ID, status “normal” and my public IP address. Then I see a 403 POST api.particle.io/devices which fails with JSON saying “That belongs to someone else. To request a transfer add ?request_transfer=true to the URL.”

    Is it really someone else’s device with a collision on the device ID? Or maybe the name is a temporary name that exists before I changed the name (using the Particle phone app) and the name change has not yet been updated in the system?


    It seems like it is a UX issue, more than a technical issue: I was able to update the firmware by selecting the ‘turkey_mighty’ name in the dropdown, so the device was obviously mine, but not with the expected name.

    The doc says to claim your new device, but:
    1) it was already claimed
    2) with a random name different than the one I put in the Particle iOS app
    3) the existence of that device is hidden inside a SELECT dropdown that you need to click to open
    and 4) the error message displayed is not the correct one: it says “device not found”, while the real error is that it is already claimed.

    Maybe the doc should say to first check if the device is not already claimed, and only if it is not, to use the Device ID to claim it. Also a note that “device name changes may take some time to update” would help (obviously if this is my first Photon device, and I see an entry with the same Device ID, IP address and Last Checked time a few seconds again, I will understand that this is the device I’m looking for)

    Maybe displaying a visible list of already claimed devices at the top of the screen with the buttoms to claim a new one (showing device name, device id and IP address?) could help solve this issue.

    PS: I may keep the name ‘turkey_mighty’ because it is just awesome 🙂

    Jeremy Williams

    Sorry you hit a stumbling block, but glad you got it flashed. This is very odd. Did you buy this from eBoy? They’re assembling their own Wi-Fi Adapters, so it’s possible they tried to test yours and forgot to erase it. In general, they should definitely not be claimed already.

    In any case, you said, “The doc says to claim your new device.” I don’t think my docs say this…? As for the device being in the drop down list, I think the only reason this was confusing was due to the weird turkey name. (Which, yes, I agree is awesome.) That said, the manager definitely needs to be cleaned up and improved visually. I’m just not a web guru by any stretch (in 1996 I was pretty good!). If anyone wants to take a stab, I’d happily update the file.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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