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    I’ve attached my first animation. Pretty excited to start designing more! I am, however, still working through technical issues. I need to figure out how to animate these on my mac. I can’t find an easy way to turn them into animated GIFs. Also, Jeremy, I think those .ini files attached are what inform the game frame of how to use the .bmp’s. Should I just copy and paste one from the art pack? My computer doesn’t read them, so I’m sure I need to download something to edit them.

    I’m totally new at this and look forward to an eventual FAQ page.

    Let me know what you guys think of the skull and I’ll post more as I make them!

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    Jeremy Williams

    Looks great, man. Careful though, your files 6.bmp and 7.bmp are both 32-bit. All files must be 24-bit, as you probably know.

    INI files are optional if you want to use their features. You can edit them with any text editor. I recommend Sublime Text on Mac and PC:



    Oops! Thanks for catching that! I’ll check out Sublime Text.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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