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    Hi Jeremy,

    I’m a huge fan of the game frame. It inspired me to create my own version of it. The software and hardware part is finished, thanks to your source code on github, it really helped me a lot, thanks!
    So right now I’m down to the physical frame. I wanted to isolate each pixel with a grid, like you have. I noticed that you have laser cut this grid, luckily I have access to a laser cutter at my university. It is possible you can share the design file, or do you have any advice towards the dimension of the grid. Such as depth of it and the “wallspace” between each squares. I’m using a 16X16 WS2812B led panel.

    Anything will help, thanks.
    William from Denmark

    Jeremy Williams

    Sorry, I wrote this response as a draft weeks ago but I accidentally never posted it.

    Sounds great! My grid is 6mm tall but it was machined from solid plastic, not laser cut. I couldn’t find a material that would laser cut at that thickness. I recommend trying to laser cut thick black paper into 30 small sheets that you can crisscross to achieve the same effect. It worked for my prototypes. You can also use a delrin plastic or something more substantial.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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