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    I started a school project this year and I need some help with it.
    I’m trying to build my one GameFrame with a NodeMCU and WS2812B LED Matrix.
    It was not a big problem to get the hardware running. But i don’t know ho I can get the code to run on my esp8266. Is it even possible to do that? Or should i give up on this and just buy the teensy chip ?


    Jeremy Williams

    Sorry, Max. I’ve never used the esp8266 and porting to a new architecture can be quite a task. I do see that someone has designed a similar project based on the ESP though… have you looked at their source code?



    Oh, this is really helpful 😀
    I didn’t found this project. Porting the program to the esp was not possible for me i spend 6 hours today and achieved nothing. Thank you really much. I wasn’t expecting that anyone would respond that fast 😀

    I really love the idea behind the GameFrame I hope I can get it to run tomorrow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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