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    Pixel art is great, but it seems to me that the Game Frame could have a much wider appeal with a few more features. The clock is great but how about the date, the weather, the news?

    I realise the current hardware is not up to it but how hard would it be to connect up a WiFi SD card or a Raspberry Pi?

    I’m thinking that something that cylced beween clock, animated weather icons, scrolling headlines, pixel art, short video clips would be just fantastic.

    As a less ambitious suggestion, would it be possible to have the Game Frame switch off the display at night? This way you would not have to power it down and have to set the clock again when switching it on.

    Jeremy Williams

    Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t even know anyone knew about this forum yet because I haven’t officially announced it yet. Thanks for beta testing it.

    I love your ideas. I’m experimenting with a WiFi SD card right now, actually. It looks promising. Another backer who initially suggested the idea already has a script working that lets him post files to the card. I’ll try to get him to come over here and start a thread about it.

    As for the power down idea, that sounds great! At this point though, I need to freeze my code where it is and focus on making it rock solid. My hope is that the community here will take the source and improve upon it. I’m happy to contribute to those discussions frequently, and offer help with the code.

    Dan Williams

    It might be too much for the current hardware, but a sound option might be cool also. Ability to play sound with the image could be cool, especially getting some of the classic 8-bit audio from video games of days gone by…


    I reckon a sleep mode would be great, especially if you could have the display power down between certain times (night mode?). I’m thinking of a way to have the display off between say midnight and 6am, preferably user configurable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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