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    Digital Nemesis

    My Kickstarter Game Frame V1 was working great for almost 9 years, but went to turn it on for a class presentation in Design School talking about eBoy and Jeremy Williams and only got a flash on the screen. Checked different power cables and many outlets, but same response every time. Quick flash of LED’s on front at Power ON and no LED on back of GameFrame. SD card loads all programming and files on my Surface and looks to be in working order. Do I need to order another board or where should I start to get this working again. I love it!

    Using power that came with GameFrame 5V 3.6A JET CUI Japan, 4GB Micro SD, Initial LED flash is different every time and indicates that almost all front LED’s appear to be working.

    Please Help

    Jeremy Williams

    Poor thing. First thing to try is a completely new microSD card. Format that thing and drop a fresh copy of the data on there:


    If that doesn’t work, I’m afraid the only solution is probably to replace the board. I might still have a spare around here somewhere. Let me know. Email is best. Jeremy at this domain.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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