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    Hi there gameframe people! I’m a software making type person.
    I made pix.pe in 2012 while working for a different (failed) KickStarter pixel light project. pix.pe has survived and thrived.


    The goals of pix.pe are to translate the low barrier of entry and simplicity that twitter posts have to 16×16 pixel art. Since the pixel drawings are instantly translated to easily sharable URLs, you can carry on very rapid fire pixel art conversations on twitter or your social network or instant messaging program of choice, and export your pixel drawings as png’s.

    It’s not super feature packed as pixel art programs are concerned, and that’s on purpose. The more features you have, the bigger the “dilemma of choice”, and the higher the barrier is. So, the constraints are you’re limited to 8 colors and 8 palettes. Constraints breed creativity, is my philosophy.

    I live in Australia and my Gameframe finally arrived today (my birthday!) So I get to play with it and use it on the vast collection of pix.pe art that myself and the small audience of pix.pe fans have made over the past 2 years! this is exciting. Be excited, because I certainly am! 16×16 pixel art is cool.

    NOW. what I wanna do is add a “save to gameframe bmp” feature soon. obviously. But I thought I’d get this on the forums first so you game frame fans can have a play with it while I work out how to do that, and give me (Much valued) feedback from your perspective.

    Please read the “what is pix.pe” text for more information. and do try typing in the text field, because it’s a 2 way translator: it turns arbitrary text into cool animated patterns!

    Have fun!

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    oh, and the attached image has a funky filename.
    try pasting that into pix.pe. for science!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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