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    I am just about ready to start on constructing my maker kit, but have a couple of questions.

    It looks like http://www.ledlightinghut.com/16×16-ws2812b-digital-flexible-led-panel.html is similar (or the same) as the LED matrix you have in the full kits. The part number (ws2812b) at least matches up with what you have listed on the sheet. I assume that piece is OK to use, but would like to confirm before I order it.

    If one were to get neopixels from adafruit, however, what would one by? I see several smaller matrices and adafruit has a library for merging multiple pieces together, but I assume you need something addressable as one thing already. Is there a list of adafruit parts that woudl work for this?

    The videos you posted make most of the rest of the work clear, but I wonder if you will be releasing vector files for the boxes you shipped as part of the fully assembled gameframes. I have access to several laser cutters, but would prefer to use your files if they are available.

    Similarly, is there a schematic or anything for the other pieces that you will make available? Is the vellum just overlaid on top of the LEDs directly or is there some other stuff in there?

    I’m happy to play around, but would also like to have the plans handy if I want to put together a “stock” gameframe.

    Thanks! I’m really looking forward to playing with this!


    Jeremy Williams

    Hi Jason,

    I missed this post or I would have replied sooner.

    Yes, that LED grid you linked looks like the right one. It’s a common panel that’s distributed by several people out of China. My PCB mates with this connector, which you would crimp onto the LED panel wires:

    You’ll obviously need 3 of the female pins too:

    As you said, Adafruit and others have lots of strips of WS8212b LEDs. You just have to use your imagination and decide how big you want the grid (i.e. how much space do you want between the pixels). You can certainly cut a strip into 16 parts, each with 16 LEDs, and then use wires to solder them together in a zig-zag series (starting in the top left).

    Unfortunately I do not have plans to release the other designs or schematics. The design is really straight forward, and should be easy to mimic. I’m actually much more interested to see what you guys come up with.

    As for the layering, maybe watch that assembly video on Kickstarter. Basically it goes:

    “glass” front
    black paper grid
    plastic mesh
    wooden pack

    Have fun!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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