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    Hi Jeremy,
    I have been enjoying my GameFrame so much since I got it! Lately however I have been getting SD errors on screen, always with different animations it seemed, but when I restarted the gameFrame it worked again for a while. So today I thought maybe to format the SD card and try again. Now when I insert the SD I just get the SD error screen! I have formatted on a macbook with disk utility (MS DOS FAT)… Is my SD card busted? I do see the files on the card when I pop it into the macbook, so the files are readable…

    I miss my GameFrame


    Jeremy Williams

    This is the Kickstarter version, right? Please send me an email (jeremy at this domain) and we’ll get it sorted.


    I found having the animations on a 30 second cycle would corrupt some of the files some frames would go bad on the card – eventually the card would error out

    fortunately I keep a backup of the anims just in case a reformat is required- I have since changed to a 60 second cycle and the Gameframe has been running fine 24/7 for months now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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