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    With the wifi there is a folder buried under the 00\system for wifi and then the animation folders. Ate those skipped while playing regular animations? It would be nice if there was a location that is not in the random playlist but would only be triggered by directly calling the animation through IFTTT. If it does work this way is there a method to upload the animations to that location without taking the sd card out?

    Jeremy Williams

    Yes, the system ignores the /00system folder for normal playback so anything in there won’t be shown. That’s why I put the alert animations inside /00system/wifi.

    You can upload animations there using the upload tool in the web control panel. Did you try it? Just provide the path (e.g. 00system/wifi/reddit) and then point it to the animation files. You won’t be able to delete it with the web tool though — you’ll need to insert it into your computer for that.

    However, you should probably replace your web control panel INDEX.HTML file with the attached one. The one on your Game Frame controls brightness whenever you use the 0-7 keys, and that gets weird when typing “00system.” 🙂

    Just download the attached file and replace the INDEX.HTML file using the secret help page inside your Game Frame located at http://your.ip.address/help. Or just copy it into the /wifi folder manually.

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    Thanks! Now if I can just get Reddit to be more responsive and have more options…
    I’ve got to come up with an Arlo animation too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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