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Jeremy Williams

Things are still progressing a lot slower than I planned, but I do have some good news. This week I’ll receive enough parts to assemble a handful of complete units (about 80). I’d like to use this as an opportunity to test the integrity of the new packaging, and see if users can discover any last-minute bugs before mass shipments begin. (The plan is 500 more in February, but no promises due to the Chinese New Year.)

They will go up for sale here on the shop asap, probably next week. I don’t plan to activate the notification list because so few are available, and I really want to self-select buyers who understand the “final test phase” nature and will provide feedback.

As soon as the product page goes live I will update this thread, and if you’re subscribed to it you will receive a notification. I will also update my Twitter feed (@jerware). I suspect they will sell out the same day, but I’ll let you know the publish time beforehand here.

Thanks, as always, for your patience! I hope you’ll be interested in helping to test the new and improved Game Frame. I’m proud of it, and I look forward to sharing it.