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Hello Jeremy,

thank you very much for the reply. I also want to highly commend you for sharing your sourcecode and answering to the questions of us self-tinkers. The price for the GameFrame is more than reasonable in my opinion. But I prefer to build it myself 🙂

The sticker on my matrix states APA102 and when I flash the *.hex from your Github the LEDs remain dark. In the *.ino of the same repository it states “#define LED_TYPE SK9822” which is why I assumed that you were actually using these instead of APA102.

I read that you are using FastLED 3.1.2pre. I’m using FastLED 3001000. when using FastLED 3.1.3 it compiles but the matrix remains dark, even when using APA102 as a type. SK9822 however does not compile with FastLED 3001000.

Tomorrow I’ll try to look for more clones of the APA102. Would not surprise me if I got something completely different from ordered 🙂 It’s 2 am in Germany so I better get some sleep now. Anyway, keeping in mind that I want to put it on my wall and never adjust anything it is working well enough.

Concerning the video: Here you can see it directly going to the game when pressing “next” while having the clock option chosen. Here is another one where I change some settings.

Edit: At first I thought it might have to do with debouncing, but why would it count a “menu” press first as a “next” and then as a “menu” press.