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    Jeremy Williams

    This sounds very odd indeed. It reminds me a bit of how SK9822 LEDs behave (an APA102 clone that is not 100% compatible). You’re welcome to try changing the LED type to SK9822, and maybe you could share a video of the behavior?


    Hello Jeremy,

    thank you very much for the reply. I also want to highly commend you for sharing your sourcecode and answering to the questions of us self-tinkers. The price for the GameFrame is more than reasonable in my opinion. But I prefer to build it myself 🙂

    The sticker on my matrix states APA102 and when I flash the *.hex from your Github the LEDs remain dark. In the *.ino of the same repository it states “#define LED_TYPE SK9822” which is why I assumed that you were actually using these instead of APA102.

    I read that you are using FastLED 3.1.2pre. I’m using FastLED 3001000. when using FastLED 3.1.3 it compiles but the matrix remains dark, even when using APA102 as a type. SK9822 however does not compile with FastLED 3001000.

    Tomorrow I’ll try to look for more clones of the APA102. Would not surprise me if I got something completely different from ordered 🙂 It’s 2 am in Germany so I better get some sleep now. Anyway, keeping in mind that I want to put it on my wall and never adjust anything it is working well enough.

    Concerning the video: Here you can see it directly going to the game when pressing “next” while having the clock option chosen. Here is another one where I change some settings.

    Edit: At first I thought it might have to do with debouncing, but why would it count a “menu” press first as a “next” and then as a “menu” press.

    Jeremy Williams

    That video is very helpful. That is 100% how SK9822 LEDs behave when Game Frame is compiled for APA102. I’m certain you were sold SK9822. You’ll just need to use a newer version of FastLED. They actually added support after I sent them a panel I used to test compatibility when APA102 were out of stock, and I noticed the same thing you did.

    Just use the latest master branch of FastLED. I’m not sure about your issues with the grid remaining dark. If that’s still an issue, it shouldn’t be based on the version of FastLED.



    Hello free
         You seem to have successfully produced a Game Frame V1, I can ask you how to use Arduino build their own Game Frame? Thank you

    Jeremy Williams

    I’m afraid the code is provided without support. It’s all there, so with enough diligence you can certainly make it happen! I would not suggest it as a beginner project though.

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